Work Group Structure

ATI Chair: Dr. Robert Ross, the President and CEO of The California Endowment, is the Alternatives to Incarceration Work Group Chair. The ATI Chair will guide the large external work group meetings and support the direction of the work group. Chair will also serve as a point of communication between the Board of Supervisors, CEO’s office, ATI Voting Members and the community at large.

Planning Team: The planning team consist of Corrin Buchanan (DHS-ODR), Peter Espinoza (DHS-ODR), Maiya Guillory (DHS-ODR), Tamu Jones (CA Endowment), Mayra Ramirez (DHS-WPC), Rigo Rodriguez (Facilitator), Shoshanna Scholar (DHS-ODR), Karen Tamis (DHS Contractor), Kiwon Yoo (DHS-WPC), and Diana Zuñiga (DHS-WPC). The team works on supporting the management of the work group including the ad hoc committees, maintaining relationships with work group participants, and coordinating with related county efforts.

ATI Voting Members: The voting members consist of 25 individuals from county government departments (15) and community stakeholders (10). They will serve as the core members of the group and participate in the voting process. Some of them have been designated to co-chair the ad hoc committees.

Ad Hoc Committees:

  • Community Based System of Care (Eunisses Hernandez and Dr. Jonathan Sherin): Ad Hoc Committee will think about the current state of community-based capacity and need. They will describe an ideal system to expand community infrastructure, CBO capacity, regional and racial equity in services, and collaboration with the behavioral health services and medical field. They will distinguish legislative policy and/or best practices that can be implemented in LA County.
  • Data and Research (Ricardo Basurto-Davila and Dr. Kelly Lytle-Hernandez): Ad Hoc Committee will focus on developing research points that connect to the demographics of who is incarcerated, length of stay and for what offenses. It will also include the outcomes of incarceration and diversion on individuals and the community at large.
  • Funding (Mark Delgado and Herb Hatanaka): Ad Hoc Committee will outline funding needs to support the recommendations generated by the workgroup by identifying sources of new funds and leveraging existing funds. They will conduct a funding analysis including short and long-term reforms with associated costs and implementation timelines.
  • Justice System Reform (Peter Espinoza and Captain Larry Alva): Ad Hoc Committee will distinguish recent law enforcement, court and DA reforms. It will then focus on Criminal Justice Reform that would be helpful in our efforts to expand alternatives to incarceration with a focus on early diversion. It will also weave in pre-trial programs and sentencing reform.
  • Community Engagement (Dolores Canales and Gayle Haberman): Ad Hoc Committee will generate a plan to engage in a series of Diversion, Alternatives and Reentry Community Asset Mapping and Feedback Workshops in at least 5-7 highly impacted communities to accurately assess existing resources (community-based organizations, faith community, mental health services, etc.), identify gaps in services and resources, actively engage community members in resource planning decisions, and provide feedback to the Alternatives to Incarceration Work Group. These workshops will be facilitated in partnership with community-based entities to engage service providers and community members while serving as an avenue to incorporate feedback into the ATI Work Group’s roadmap.

ATI Voting Members

Randall Pineda, Probation Department
Peter Espinoza, Office of Diversion and Reentry
Ruben Marquez, Public Defender
Julia Dixon, Alternate Public Defender
Gilbert Wright, District Attorney
Karen Bernstein, Department of Health Services
Dr. Jonathan Sherin, Department of Mental Health
Dr. Barbara Ferrer, Department of Public Health
Captain Larry Alva, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department
Mark Delgado, Countywide Criminal Justice Coordination Committee
Pamela Prewitt-McZeal, Department of Children and Family Services
Maritza Dubie-Uribe, Workforce Development, Aging and Community Services
Michael Castillo, CEO’s Office – Homeless Initiative
Melodie Larsen, County Counsel
Elizabeth Cohen, CEO’s Office – Center for Strategic Partnerships
Peter Eliasberg, ACLU SoCal, District 1 Community Stakeholder
Dr. Kelly Lytle-Hernandez,  UCLA, District 1 Community Stakeholder
Herbert Hatanaka, Special Services for Groups, District 2 Community Stakeholder
Karren Lane, Weingart Foundation, District 2 Community Stakeholder
Eunisses Hernandez, JustLeadershipUSA, District 3 Community Stakeholder
Dr. Bob Ross, The California Endowment, District 3 Community Stakeholder (Chair)
Dolores Canales, The Bail Project, District 4 Community Stakeholder
Brittney Weissman, National Alliance on Mental Illness, District 4 Community Stakeholder
LaWanda Hawkins, Crime Victims United, District 5 Community Stakeholder
Jimmy Wu, InsideOUT Writers, District 5 Community Stakeholder

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